HIGH Quality Candy, Organic, and Conventional Table Grapes in the 2020 Season

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The Top Brass label of quality family farming table grapes have arrived.

Consumers of all ages continue to look for the best tasting grapes available, and the varieties that we grow look breathtaking.
This year we are adding new high flavor candy options.
Top Brass grapes are available July 6th through November

A look at our vineyards
We are expecting exceptional quality from what we are seeing in the vineyards heading into this season. We offer our customers a good mix of red and green grapes both conventional and organic, as well as two black conventional varieties; one being a new candy variety.

The Weather
The valley saw more rain in April this season than in the last decade. We did far more fungicide applications this season than usual to stay on top of any potential concerns there. But this will set us apart from others who may not have been on top of those applications as they were needed or as they may have budgeted for in their crops.

This is one of the reasons you will see a lower yield of green grapes heading into the season.

Red Seedless Grape Varieties
Flames, Scarlet Royal, Timco, Jack’s Salute, Krissy’s, Sweet Scarlet and Allison

Green Seedless Grape Varieties
Sugraone, Ivory, Princess, Great Green, Sweet Globe, Luisco, and Autumn King

Incredibly HIGH Flavored Candy Grape Varieties
Candy Snaps, Candy Crunch, Candy Hearts, and Candy Drop. Next season we will add Gracenote and Sweet Bonds to that mix.

Black Seedless Grape Variety
Summer Royal