Table Grapes

We grow our table grapes under the Central California sun and in the fertile soil of San Joaquin Valley. Our organic and conventional table grapes are handled from start to finish. We harvest, pack, and quickly cool to help maintain their optimal quality and the fresh picked taste.


Organic Potatoes

We made the decision several years ago to exclusively grow organic potatoes and we think that they are some of the finest potatoes that you can find anywhere. We harvest, pack, and cool our varieties before shipping from our family farm to your local grocers. This attention to detail ensures that every customer is getting quality produce in every bag of potatoes.

gold potatoes.jpg

Wine Grapes

Our wine grapes are trusted by customers for a selection of varieties that are closely monitored from vine to cooler. We harvest, pack, and cool before shipping.

Organic Almonds

As our fourth generation family farm continues to grow, we are proud to introduce our California-grown Organic Almonds that are CCOF certified organic, non GMO verified, and glyphosate residue free direct to our customers. Using a variety of state of the art technology, and well trained technicians, we are able to produce high class almonds specifically developed to reinvest in our sustainable future and our quality standards to ensure a well-rounded almond product for our customers to enjoy.