Organic Table Grapes

O R G A N I C   T A B L E   G R A P E S

All natural, plump and bursting with flavor, our organic table grapes are in a class all their own.

Sustainably grown on our family farms, our organic varietals are monitored daily and audited annually to ensure that all certification guidelines required by CCOF are met. These grapes exemplify the high quality our customers have come to expect. As always, they are picked, packed and shipped from our in-house table grape facility, fresh from the vine. Top Brass is proud to be a trusted organic choice, offering a full line of varieties including red and green seedless to customers throughout the season.

Available July To The End Of November


Seedless red variety with sweetness, and can have a distinct acid background.

Size: Medium to Large
Color: Deep Pink-Red
Shape: Oval

Available Late October To Mid-November


A red, seedless table grape that has an intense fruity flavor with a great storage performance.

Size: Extra Large
Color: Red
Shape: Round

Available Late September To Mid-November

Scarlet Royal

Seedless red variety with a crisp, sweet and light muscat flavor.

Size: Large
Color: Red
Shape: Oval

Available Early August To End of September


A seedless table grape with a  mild, sweet, and slightly tart flavor.

Size: Small To Medium
Color: Slight Yellow-Green
Shape: Slightly Oval

Available Late September To Mid-October


A seedless green variety with high levels of sweetness, and uniformity.

Size: Medium
Color: Green-Yellow
Shape: Elongated Oval

Available Mid-July To End of August


Pale green-yellow variety with an irresistibly sweet and a lovely crisp texture.

Size: Medium To Large
Color: Pale Green-Yellow
Shape: Cylindrical

Available Late July To Mid-September