Organic Potatoes

O R G A N I C   P O T A O T E S

When customers buy Top Brass organic potatoes, they can be sure they are getting the best of the best. 

We grow organic potatoes for our customers who offer shoppers an organic option. CCOF certified, we grow our organic potatoes using sustainable practices on family farms. Like all of our premium produce, we pack and cool our organic potatoes before shipping.

Available In Mid-May And Mid-September

red potato.jpg


When cooked, red potatoes have a waxy and dense texture and a mild, buttery, and earthy flavor.

Size: Small To Medium
Color: Ruby To Deep Red
Shape: Round To Oval

Available Mid-May To End Of July

gold potatoes.jpg

Gold & Yellow

When cooked, gold potatoes take on a creamy consistency with a rich, buttery, and earthy flavor.

Size: Medium To Large
Color: Gold To Light Brown
Shape: Round To Oblong

Available Mid-May To End Of July

potato in a field.jpg


When cooked, russet potatoes become fluffy with a smooth, buttery flavor and mild, earthy undertones.

Size: Medium To Large
Color: Light To Dark Brown
Shape: Long And Cylindrical

Available Early June To End Of August



When cooked, purple potatoes are dense with a pronounced earthy, sweet and nutty flavor.

Size: Large
Color: Deep Royal Purple
Shape: Oblong To Round

Available Mid-May To Mid-September


A Transparent Look At Our Potato Process